Need Help Making a Video for Your Class or Academic Department?


Do you have a message that you are tired of repeating for your students with every class? Do you have a lab experiment, student activity, lecture, or short topical video that would lend itself to being available on YouTube for you or your students to access anytime? Have you ever thought about creating a video but didn’t know how to get started? eLearning Services & Instructional Media can help.


Lots of people on campus have used eLearning Services and Instructional Media’s video production service for a variety of messages. Recent productions include:

  • a video aimed at reducing academic dishonesty
  • an animation to illustrate the nature of the research process
  • videos that show lab technique for Nursing Assistant Program
  • orientation videos for new students
  • “You are Welcome Here” inspirational social media video
  • Global Affairs Center (GAC) lectures and promotional.

Brief samples of some of this work can be watched here.   

You don’t have to have an entire script or even an outline before you begin. Just answer these few questions:

  • Who is your audience?
  • What is the video’s purpose?
  • What do you want them to know or do after watching it?
  • Why is video the best medium for delivering the message?

 For instructional videos, call x 6966 or email, to set up a meeting to make it happen. 

Note: promotional/marketing videos are managed through Marketing and Communications.

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